Monthly Archives: December 2012

Once upon a time…

Last year, in the summer of 2011, I bought my first interchangable lens camera for my trip to China: The meanwhile quite famous Olympus E-PL1. Although I loved the images it produced with the kit lens, something in me was begging for more in these pictures. That’s where my photographer journey began.

Shanghai Tea House

Chinese beer

I read reviews and blogs about the micro four thirds system and photography in general. I realized that in order to do creative photography you don’t have to use a big DSLR with heavy lenses. The little micro four thirds system does just that for you, it gives you creative freedom in a compact enough size. The lens options and variety that this system offers are numerous and great in quality.



Reading the wonderful blogs of Robin Wong, Steve Huff and the free ebooks from Thomas Leuthard I got myself interested in Street Photography. It was just the thing I wanted to do. This summer I upgraded my main camera to an Olympus OM-D and I loved it at first sight. This camera does not get in the way between you and the shot you want to take. This camera gives you every freedom in a compact format.

Rural look outside

The mop top

The photos in this blog entry are from that trip to China and are some of the first shots I did with my E-PL1.

So here we are. I am an amateur photographer coming from the Cologne area.